Ergoactives  Tucane Advanced Cane System - Small, Orange & Black

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Ergoactives  Tucane Advanced Cane System - Small, Orange & Black

Tucane is an advanced walking aid that emulates a third hip. This new innovative concept substitutes a conventional cane. It helps the user to walk in a correct straight and comfortable way by reducing and avoiding back pain as the result of wrong posture. When you walk, Tucane will move forward with your leg while you advance. You can adjust it to your exact height. The Tucane cap will automatically adjust while walking simulating the ankle joint. The cap is made of a special anti-slippery rubber. The Tucane special design absorbs impact and vibration. The soft-rubber handle and shock-absorbing design reduces the impact of the different anatomical structures of the hand, elbow and shoulder, preventing inflammation of the joints. It also helps correct posture during gait and prevents the sliding of the feet over the floor. The design of the neck on the Tucane reduces the vibration and impact against the ground that transmits to the hands, elbows and shoulders, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as Bursitis of the shoulder and elbow. Tucane is without doubt, the most advanced mobile aid system available in the market.

Features :

  • Walking Support - With its spring mechanism located on the handle of the Tucane®, this cane system is propelled as the user lifts the cane, providing a feeling that the cane is walking automatically as the user lifts it from the ground.
  • Improved posture- Tucane® helps to reduce spinal injuries/ back pain by providing the user with a proper posture just by walking with the cane
  • Vibration Absorption - The grip of the Tucane® absorbs the vibration from the cane’s impact with the ground
  • Automatic spring loaded grip handle
  • Adjustable height
  • Ultralight/high performance tip
  • Patented nylon fiber design
  • Ergonomic handle
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Model: ERG-OR-SM

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1-Year Warranty
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Tucane Advanced Cane System - Small, Orange & Black
Model: ERG-OR-SM
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Model: ERG-OR-SM