Lift Chairs

My lift chair hand control has buttons labeled TV and ZG. What does that mean?
Golden’s unique AutoDrive hand controls for our MaxiComfort Zero-Gravity lift chairs feature factory-programmed buttons for the TV Watching position and the Zero-Gravity position.
What is covered under warranty?
Each product has its own warranty, and each warranty outlines the different parts and coverage. To review your product’s warranty, go to the product’s description page on and select the Warranty tab. You can also view product warranty information on the Resources and Support page under Customer Service.
What if the power goes out while I’m in my Lift Chair?
In case of emergency, each chair is equipped with a battery backup system. Once the batteries are added, the chair is capable of lifting itself to the standing position in the event that your home loses power.
What is zero gravity and why do you talk about it so much?
Zero gravity (also called neutral body posture) was first discovered by NASA as a way to relieve gravity’s pressure on astronauts upon shuttle launches. It is a position that evenly distributes pressure to the body.
How do I clean my lift chair if I spill something on it?
While our chairs are made of stain resistant fabrics, there may come a time where you need to clean it. To do so, simply mix a little soap and water and scrub the area in need of a cleaning. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners as these could cause problems with your materials.
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