Ramps & VPL's

When should I use a vertical platform lift rather than a ramp?
Vertical Platform Lifts are commonly used in cases when space is tight and there is a significant rise that needs to be accommodated. A Vertical Platform Lift has a much smaller footprint in comparison to a ramp, so it's a perfect solution for a  tight space.
What is covered under warranty?
Each product has its own warranty, and each warranty outlines the different parts and coverage. To review your product’s warranty, go to the product’s description page on medmart.com and select the Warranty tab. You can also view product warranty information on the Resources and Support page under Customer Service.
What is a vertical platform lift?
A vertical platform lift (VPL for short) can be used to transport a scooter, power chair or wheelchair vertically up a distance as little as two feet to as much as fourteen feet
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