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What is covered under warranty?
Each product has its own warranty, and each warranty outlines the different parts and coverage. To review your product’s warranty, go to the product’s description page on medmart.com and select the Warranty tab. You can also view product warranty information on the Resources and Support page under Customer Service.
What is the difference between a semi-electric and full-electric hospital bed?
The main difference between these two types of hospital beds is their ability to elevate the bed either electronically or manually. The head and foot of the bed can be controlled with a remote in both fully electric and semi-electric models, but only full electric beds can be raised and lowered with the same remote. Semi-electric beds are typically raised and lowered manually with a hand crank.
What is the standard size of a hospital bed?
A standard size hospital bed is 36 inches wide 80 inch - 82 inch in length. There will normally be extra room on the sides of the bed and a few extra inches along the headboard and footboard to account for the rails, so the total size is normally about 39 to 40 inches wide and 90 inches long.
What is a “Med-Surg” hospital bed?
A “Med-Surg” hospital bed is another name for a fully electric medical bed used in hospitals to take care of the general needs of most patients.
What is Trendelenburg?
The Trendelenburg position places the patient's feet above their heart. This position improves circulation and stretches the lower back.  The Trendelenburg position was promoted as a way to increase venous return to the heart, increase cardiac output and improve vital organ perfusion.
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